Thursday, 29 September 2011

Gone with the wind inspired steampunk

I started working on my a bunch of projects today,

1.) Commission Rei plug suit
I worked on the pattern making and emailed the commissioner about a sending her a lycra muslin to check fitting

2) Prize for a Cobra Baroness contest a cobra side bag
I patterned the bag yesterday and cut out the fabric today as well as the cobra logo, still working out its full construction in my head.

3) Christmas present which is a very special project to me, I am making my dad's brother's and sisters and my mom and aunt a small quilt hanging made from my dad's clothe's they were the only things pam gave me after he passed away. I want everyone to have something special and I couldn't think of a better way to recycle the clothes.

4) My private project a Civil war/Gone with the wind inspired steampunk outfit I love the dress shilouttes for this era and have been dieing to make something from it for a while. I started on the undergarments from a pattern I already had, I don't see why I should do everything from scratch the dress and hoop skirt will be fully patterned by my self but the chemise, bloomers, corset, and pettie coat are from a pre-maid pattern. I'm only using fabrics I already have or trying to.

Other then that I went to work zone and may have a prom dress to make which will be nice I would rather work at sewing and the restaurant then the mine or the mill

this is just one of the dress's I love from the period, and I love all the dress's from this movie I would die to get my hands on a art book for it. 

yep thats me with lots going on lol 

all inspired and happy

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