Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day two at Bill'ys

Not much has happened giving up sugar went bad today as I had a coke and cookies and ice cream is waiting to be eaten with readying my book, but on the other had I only eat fruit and drank water all day at work.

Work is good I have to stay away from the gossiper's they can be bad, and other then that I love the customers very sweet people and I love the small town ^-^ I picked up an extra shift tomorrow since the girl that was doing the shift I now have recked her knee or something. Any who more tips and money for me ^-^ means less student loans and closer to being debt free :D

Started feeding the horses hay today since its getting stingy out there for grassing, Macho and Rusty are big bully's though and I ended up hand feeding Kida since they wouldn't let her near :(

other then that Im really enjoying my book and need to get my sewing area up and such for sewing

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if there's away to distract horses while you try to feed Kida. Maybe say Oh look over there a MAre or something XD.