Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Catch up

Didn't get to post yesterday, It was very difficult to get my pattern table set up since baby Brody was still here I needed aunt's assistance and I couldn't wake him up and it was raining. But I finally did and I will post a pic of my space some time soon.

I'm getting more and more annoyed with not being on my own any more and being treated like a child I have to cut back my showers and they have never been longer then 15 minutes and thats my wake up time. My uncle expects me to know everything about how he likes things like leaving the keys in the truck, who dose that and how would I know? their internet is dam slow. And just now he said I left a door to the truck open after everything..... really? cause I closed all the doors and he said the light would have been on ??? I don't think so. I also have to just take some time and drive standard my self I cant do it with him for a while.

Thats enough complaining I'm blessed just annoyed and need an outlet I don't have anyone up here to talk to so this is my out let?

I started preliminary's for the Cobra side bag I'm making for a winner of a Deviant art contest winer, and I need to finish the patter for a girl for a plug suit.

I'm also working on a steampunk costume and going to start my Halloween costume Nurse Chapel from Startrek :)

that shows me being like arg world 

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