Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First day at Billy's family Restaurant

Worked my first day as a waitress and my aunt I think was impressed I work hard and don't spend a lot of time chit chating like the other girls, I like to keep busy and focused on the job.

The customers we're great and very kind to me, the motorcycle dude gave me a 5$ tip and all he got was pie and coffee, my aunt was like what did you do slip him your number and I turned bright red lol.

The other employs are slow and talkative which is fine to a point but the one girl complained just about everything but I think I will really enjoy it there.

I have another meeting at work zone on Friday to just catch up again and Leah who is the work councler I guess you could call here is very sweet, and is really excited for me which is very nice.

Miss my friends but I know they are probably super busy with school and work so they have replaced me in the sense they probably wouldn't have much time for me any ways.

bye for now

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