Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Teddy Bears

So I told my friend Rachell I would show here how many teddy's fit on my bed and around it lol so here is some pictures of the insanity of teddy's I have >.> and I match my pink and purple Unicorn this morning :D

Here is the main host of Teddy's some are under neath and it looks like my little unicorn had a hard night face down lol, you can see one of my chewie's poking out between Squatchi and Beethoven .

The Teddy's continue on my little book shelve 

And onto the side table and ground ( pillow plushes stack well ) 

Here is my Sushi plushie :D

My Dollfies

and Me matching my Unicorn XD

the video I was talking about 

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  1. lol I wish I could buy a horse for a dollar. love the scenery...Squirrel...I can smell the pine cones from here.