Thursday, 8 November 2012

I have a oddle of Ideas

I have a oddle of Ideas

and no motivation due to well a female plauge but just havent felt up to doing a lot od sewing the last week maybe just burnt out from halloween

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Etsy Store

My etsy store

Researching Sailor Scout Costumes

I'm doing some research for my esty page and I thought I would share some tutorials with you  on how to make a sailor scout costume

and this because its very funny and so true about cosplay

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Starting my own sewing buissness : setting up my work space

Currently in the long process of starting my sewing buissness I havent completly decided on my buissness name or the small details of my buisness. So I'm focusing on aquiring the equipment i
require and setting up my work space in a way that I find most eficiant.

Which wont be complete till our living room is complete I'm sharing my space with our consoles and tvs which I find makes the feng shui and my motivation difficult I feel I need more space and more storage space.

here is my sewing machine family, I hope to add one more friend by the end of the year a industrial freind

This is the space I currently have I feel a little cramped as I have a lot of sewing tools and different costume equipment that i need more space for, this is also before I got my other two family members ( sewing machines ) but its still cramped

My cat trying to be a sewing machine

My awesome new method to organizing my buttons