Thursday, 29 September 2011

Gone with the wind inspired steampunk

I started working on my a bunch of projects today,

1.) Commission Rei plug suit
I worked on the pattern making and emailed the commissioner about a sending her a lycra muslin to check fitting

2) Prize for a Cobra Baroness contest a cobra side bag
I patterned the bag yesterday and cut out the fabric today as well as the cobra logo, still working out its full construction in my head.

3) Christmas present which is a very special project to me, I am making my dad's brother's and sisters and my mom and aunt a small quilt hanging made from my dad's clothe's they were the only things pam gave me after he passed away. I want everyone to have something special and I couldn't think of a better way to recycle the clothes.

4) My private project a Civil war/Gone with the wind inspired steampunk outfit I love the dress shilouttes for this era and have been dieing to make something from it for a while. I started on the undergarments from a pattern I already had, I don't see why I should do everything from scratch the dress and hoop skirt will be fully patterned by my self but the chemise, bloomers, corset, and pettie coat are from a pre-maid pattern. I'm only using fabrics I already have or trying to.

Other then that I went to work zone and may have a prom dress to make which will be nice I would rather work at sewing and the restaurant then the mine or the mill

this is just one of the dress's I love from the period, and I love all the dress's from this movie I would die to get my hands on a art book for it. 

yep thats me with lots going on lol 

all inspired and happy

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Long day is long

Today just felt like everything went wrong

1 once I started working on my stuff since it was set up my aunt barely explained that I had to move my stuff to the other room, which I figured would have been better but what ever what do I know

2 I had to be picked up from work

3 my uncle and aunt keep treating me more like a 16 year old then a 25 year old when I help around the house and I work full time ???? let me do my own thing I thought that was the plan?

4 My mom is going to take the time off to come up for Turkey day but now my aunt and uncle might be going down to pick up my uncles mom to live here till the old people home near here has an opening. To tell you the truth I would not have chosen to live here If I had known that she was coming it is to much to deal with and adjust to specially when I was told I'd have a vehical to drive when ever and that isnt the case.

Work was nice Nat and Richard are easy going and fun to work with, I discovered a halloween party to attend and Richard says I can go with him and his wife so I don't have to seem like a weirdo with my cousin or by my self. Probably going to start excersising cause the no sugar isn't working, so I can wear wonder woman to the party.

After work I just got more irritated after laughing all night, my uncle made me drive standard home and was saying we have to stop using the truck but I don't see why if I'm the one paying for gas.

Then my friend Maridah tagged me in some photos that made my night, and I am going to drink a cider and read before bed and then hope to have a better day tomorrow.

Grouchy face


Catch up

Didn't get to post yesterday, It was very difficult to get my pattern table set up since baby Brody was still here I needed aunt's assistance and I couldn't wake him up and it was raining. But I finally did and I will post a pic of my space some time soon.

I'm getting more and more annoyed with not being on my own any more and being treated like a child I have to cut back my showers and they have never been longer then 15 minutes and thats my wake up time. My uncle expects me to know everything about how he likes things like leaving the keys in the truck, who dose that and how would I know? their internet is dam slow. And just now he said I left a door to the truck open after everything..... really? cause I closed all the doors and he said the light would have been on ??? I don't think so. I also have to just take some time and drive standard my self I cant do it with him for a while.

Thats enough complaining I'm blessed just annoyed and need an outlet I don't have anyone up here to talk to so this is my out let?

I started preliminary's for the Cobra side bag I'm making for a winner of a Deviant art contest winer, and I need to finish the patter for a girl for a plug suit.

I'm also working on a steampunk costume and going to start my Halloween costume Nurse Chapel from Startrek :)

that shows me being like arg world 

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Not much today other then the kids are sleeping over so I have a snuggle buddy names Fesik ( named after Andrey the giants character in the Princess Bride ) ( sorry if thats all spelled wrong) a little fussy Pomeranian. But he loves me :)

Worked a closing shift, the girl showing me to close did most the closing things but I can pick up more of it next time cause I  close alone soon I think :/

Tomorrow I set up my sewing room period !!!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sun burnt

Worked the family yard sale today, I got a bunch of good sewing books and a Ewoke teddy bear ! it was so hot out side I got burnt threw my sun screen. I'm not a big fan of the heat so its kind of silly that I moved here in that sense lol but aunt Chris has really good air conditioning.

After the yard sale we made a hole bunch of salsa and then I drove standard a bit more, even had to back up and everything.

dosent sound like I did a lot today but I did

I feel fat even with cutting so much out still working on it though

Monday I'm setting up my sewing space cause I didn't get to do it today

deffiantly feel like these two right now 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Day three at Bill'ys and Learning to drive standard

I forgot to mention I'm learning to drive standard and have been for the past few days ^_^ I think I'm picking it up pretty well but my uncle is a little annoying when it comes to teaching the first day he had a lollipop in his mouth which was just frustrating, and he repeats not to let the clutch off to fast which is impossible when his clutch basically pushes your foot off. I get frustrated when I don't know something and between driving and the restaurant its been a huge test my aunt hasn't gone threw how to do things its learning on the spot and when it is as busy as it was to day and I can't get her attention its frustrating I would rather her just tell me how to do it all first and show me so I'm prepared.

Tomorrow I wanted to set up my sewing room but apparently I will be helping with the yard sale so I hope that is not to long so I can do it after wards. I agree to do yard sales and stuff so I can meet the people around town, and get to know everyone and so people don't stare at me like who's that ??

any one today was pretty frustrating but now its time for a movie and reading maybe then sleep with my mound of teddy's

and I like leaving you with photos so here is how I feel today ( I will be leaving you kitty photos with posts)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day two at Bill'ys

Not much has happened giving up sugar went bad today as I had a coke and cookies and ice cream is waiting to be eaten with readying my book, but on the other had I only eat fruit and drank water all day at work.

Work is good I have to stay away from the gossiper's they can be bad, and other then that I love the customers very sweet people and I love the small town ^-^ I picked up an extra shift tomorrow since the girl that was doing the shift I now have recked her knee or something. Any who more tips and money for me ^-^ means less student loans and closer to being debt free :D

Started feeding the horses hay today since its getting stingy out there for grassing, Macho and Rusty are big bully's though and I ended up hand feeding Kida since they wouldn't let her near :(

other then that Im really enjoying my book and need to get my sewing area up and such for sewing

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First day at Billy's family Restaurant

Worked my first day as a waitress and my aunt I think was impressed I work hard and don't spend a lot of time chit chating like the other girls, I like to keep busy and focused on the job.

The customers we're great and very kind to me, the motorcycle dude gave me a 5$ tip and all he got was pie and coffee, my aunt was like what did you do slip him your number and I turned bright red lol.

The other employs are slow and talkative which is fine to a point but the one girl complained just about everything but I think I will really enjoy it there.

I have another meeting at work zone on Friday to just catch up again and Leah who is the work councler I guess you could call here is very sweet, and is really excited for me which is very nice.

Miss my friends but I know they are probably super busy with school and work so they have replaced me in the sense they probably wouldn't have much time for me any ways.

bye for now

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Teddy Bears

So I told my friend Rachell I would show here how many teddy's fit on my bed and around it lol so here is some pictures of the insanity of teddy's I have >.> and I match my pink and purple Unicorn this morning :D

Here is the main host of Teddy's some are under neath and it looks like my little unicorn had a hard night face down lol, you can see one of my chewie's poking out between Squatchi and Beethoven .

The Teddy's continue on my little book shelve 

And onto the side table and ground ( pillow plushes stack well ) 

Here is my Sushi plushie :D

My Dollfies

and Me matching my Unicorn XD

the video I was talking about 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Drive To Vancouver

So I had to go down to Vancouver to pick up my second cousin yesterday, and Shadow wanted to make the trip with me and to drink my coffee silly kitty coffee is for grown ups. I left Princeton at 9:55 am and reached hope around 11:40 am I was really pleased with my self that I wasn't tempted to get any junk food when I stopped for Gas. I am cutting out as much sugar from my diet as I can. 

Any who on with the pictures of the drive down like I promised, I had to drive and take pictures at the same time so sorry for the window in most of them or just poor quality. The pictures are just for you to get an Idea of how beautiful it is here.

 this is me trying to get you a photo of the Hope slide but the fog was so thick this is all you can make, you could barley see the mountains. The fog didn't touch the road area, so it was safe and very pretty

hope slide 


they are building another bridge and this bridge is a pain in my butt