Saturday, 17 September 2011

Second day in Princeton

I arrived late yesterday morning 2 am after leaving Burnaby at 8:17 with a full tank of gas and snacks ( had to settle for stepped tea since they hot chocolate machine was down ) boo also took a 3 hour nap on the side of the rode which was a little scary since I was in the middle of no where and there was no cell reception so I couldn't let any one know.

But I settled in mostly need to reorganize my room a bit and get some sewing things out of the storage space I have which will happen over the next week I think. I have to go to the work zone on Monday to work on getting a job, I thought I would be working at the family restaurant when I got here but it docent seem that way. Not sure why but I know it has something to do with my Uncle Randy's strange daughter who's running th shifts there. She pretends I'm not there when I am, its just like how Grandpa's side of the family treats me and the way they treated my dad. I guess I can't get away from being invisible to these people.

I look forward to working on some projects and commissions

I'll be working on a steampunk design tonight that I have been brain storming and may share with you all a little later

here are some pictures of the view from my bedroom

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