Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Friends

Ok yes this will seam lame but my new friends are 4 horses 3 cats and 1 dog

this post is to introduce them, I was going to do this post tomorrow but I have to drive to Vancouver and back to pick up my cousin, and will probably do some fabric shopping and pick up a few other things as well. And pick up some things from a friends who let me store stuff there for a biy.

 Max or Maxy 
He likes to play with the horses in a way that makes you think they aren't playing, and he also protects us and the cats from Bears and Coyotes and all other bad stuff.

 he's a very pretty kitty but he did not want to pose for the camera, and then he started eating my shoe lace lol. He's so much bigger then Misty ( to be introduced) its silly they are brother and sister and just got fixed. Not sure how old they are, but they are cute adorable kittens and they help me not miss mine so much but at the same time I miss mine more.
Shadows little sister, she's super loving just like her brother and they always come running to the barn when I go over hoping for some treats. 

( can't think of how to spell it) She was limping around to day her legs not broken but she can't walk on it or run fast so I'm worried for her. She's very much an out door cat though and it was hard to get any photos of her after taking her to see my uncle.

This is one of the squirrel who has a nest of babies in a place my aunt isn't to happy about, he yells down from the rafters and gets chased by Max. There are a couple Ravens I hope to get some pictures of soon, they are beautiful.

yep he was a roping horse, but his owner Bob Lin my uncle Bob's friend has a bad hip and can't ride him much any more, but Macho is a good horse kinda like a dog he'll fallow you EVERY where you go lol and he's very sweet.

my horse ( dubed by my uncle) he get's picked on by the other horses I think that might be why he is so tubby ( eating problem ) Its the same thing as getting teased and bullied by people you turn to something comforting ( he also needs a lot of work though) I'm working on it. 

the big boss, he runs the little herd of horses. He can be pretty demanding and Uncle Bob docent get much time to ride him but he's still looking very good he's a very handsome horse. 

She's the old lady of the herd and the only girl, she was a boarded horse but the lady could never get her back into a horse trailer after she got her there, because the floor boards had fallen out of the old one and she had ridden the entire trip with her hove's on the edges of the trailer. 

The Truck I drive ( till I learn standard ) 

Macho has one two tone eye, I don't think he can see out of it very well cause he gets a little strange and always likes to look at me with his other eye ball 

Macho's Noise ( smelling the camera to make sure its safe lol ) 

Such a Diva lol 
( I was going to upload a video for you but since the internet here is like retardly slow I will do so when I have better internet or am some where else ) 

Hope you enjoyed meeting everyone

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