Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Long day is long

Today just felt like everything went wrong

1 once I started working on my stuff since it was set up my aunt barely explained that I had to move my stuff to the other room, which I figured would have been better but what ever what do I know

2 I had to be picked up from work

3 my uncle and aunt keep treating me more like a 16 year old then a 25 year old when I help around the house and I work full time ???? let me do my own thing I thought that was the plan?

4 My mom is going to take the time off to come up for Turkey day but now my aunt and uncle might be going down to pick up my uncles mom to live here till the old people home near here has an opening. To tell you the truth I would not have chosen to live here If I had known that she was coming it is to much to deal with and adjust to specially when I was told I'd have a vehical to drive when ever and that isnt the case.

Work was nice Nat and Richard are easy going and fun to work with, I discovered a halloween party to attend and Richard says I can go with him and his wife so I don't have to seem like a weirdo with my cousin or by my self. Probably going to start excersising cause the no sugar isn't working, so I can wear wonder woman to the party.

After work I just got more irritated after laughing all night, my uncle made me drive standard home and was saying we have to stop using the truck but I don't see why if I'm the one paying for gas.

Then my friend Maridah tagged me in some photos that made my night, and I am going to drink a cider and read before bed and then hope to have a better day tomorrow.

Grouchy face


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