Saturday, 10 December 2011

ug 2 jobs makes ...

....sewing time hard, and getting posts up harder ....
BUT I have completed all of my aunts and uncles presents at least the hand sewing is all thats left then the mailing part.

Nat's quilt is almost done, got d and ended up sewing the body of it the other day when all I planed to do was plan it and cut it out.

I cut out a corset using the pattern I got fro laughing moon called a silverado she has a lot of good stuff.

and other then that i have been working a lot but me and a close friend have decided on finaly making Michael Turner costumes and I will be making an Aspen costume and she will be Grace heres her costume

Im still deciding on mine right now but I had some entrusting ideas for this costume that I look forward to puting together, I think the wings will be the biggest challenge because of getting them to comic con

here are some of my options and ideas