Thursday, 8 November 2012

I have a oddle of Ideas

I have a oddle of Ideas

and no motivation due to well a female plauge but just havent felt up to doing a lot od sewing the last week maybe just burnt out from halloween

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Etsy Store

My etsy store

Researching Sailor Scout Costumes

I'm doing some research for my esty page and I thought I would share some tutorials with you  on how to make a sailor scout costume

and this because its very funny and so true about cosplay

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Starting my own sewing buissness : setting up my work space

Currently in the long process of starting my sewing buissness I havent completly decided on my buissness name or the small details of my buisness. So I'm focusing on aquiring the equipment i
require and setting up my work space in a way that I find most eficiant.

Which wont be complete till our living room is complete I'm sharing my space with our consoles and tvs which I find makes the feng shui and my motivation difficult I feel I need more space and more storage space.

here is my sewing machine family, I hope to add one more friend by the end of the year a industrial freind

This is the space I currently have I feel a little cramped as I have a lot of sewing tools and different costume equipment that i need more space for, this is also before I got my other two family members ( sewing machines ) but its still cramped

My cat trying to be a sewing machine

My awesome new method to organizing my buttons

Saturday, 10 December 2011

ug 2 jobs makes ...

....sewing time hard, and getting posts up harder ....
BUT I have completed all of my aunts and uncles presents at least the hand sewing is all thats left then the mailing part.

Nat's quilt is almost done, got d and ended up sewing the body of it the other day when all I planed to do was plan it and cut it out.

I cut out a corset using the pattern I got fro laughing moon called a silverado she has a lot of good stuff.

and other then that i have been working a lot but me and a close friend have decided on finaly making Michael Turner costumes and I will be making an Aspen costume and she will be Grace heres her costume

Im still deciding on mine right now but I had some entrusting ideas for this costume that I look forward to puting together, I think the wings will be the biggest challenge because of getting them to comic con

here are some of my options and ideas 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

progress up date

So today I only worked on my Christmas present quilt project to get it to one spot all the squares I need are to here, I was going to make each hanging with three squares one plain and two like this but I've changed it up . One square plain so I can embroider on it and then one like the one above.  

This is what I worked on mostly I had already gotten to this point the other day, so I had the top petticoat gathered. What took me so long today was the ruffle on the top petticoat I just did it the most time consuming way possible because I could I guess not sure why. 

This is me gathering the under petticoat, the reason I posted this image is to show a double gathered stitch and how much better it looks the when trying to do it with only a single row of stitching or like what happened to me just below 

one of the strings broke and you can see how much neater and easier it is to sew with two likes of gathering stitching 

this is the other reason it took me so long, I spent a lot of time doing math today to figure out if I had enough fabric for the under petticoat. I did not have enough of any one kind,, and even then I had to buy the pretty bottom print you see, which was pricey. But I was able to piece this together, the reason I didn't use any of my other fabric was because I didn't want it to become to heavy and cause discomfort as well as possibly misshaping the hoops. 

oh so pretty 

Stupid ruffles *glare*, oh high pretty expensive fabric on the underneath your so cute with that perfectly matching cotton lace :)

decided to go all out and embroider this up instead of the plain straight stitch 

top and bottom together, happy with my choice to make and use both, now you can't see the hoops at all and the skirt of the dress will sit much nicer i think. 

just chilling in my hoops and petticoats, couldn't help my self 

it's fun trying to stand up in this its like a suction cup

yep much to wide for this mirror lol