Friday, 23 September 2011

Day three at Bill'ys and Learning to drive standard

I forgot to mention I'm learning to drive standard and have been for the past few days ^_^ I think I'm picking it up pretty well but my uncle is a little annoying when it comes to teaching the first day he had a lollipop in his mouth which was just frustrating, and he repeats not to let the clutch off to fast which is impossible when his clutch basically pushes your foot off. I get frustrated when I don't know something and between driving and the restaurant its been a huge test my aunt hasn't gone threw how to do things its learning on the spot and when it is as busy as it was to day and I can't get her attention its frustrating I would rather her just tell me how to do it all first and show me so I'm prepared.

Tomorrow I wanted to set up my sewing room but apparently I will be helping with the yard sale so I hope that is not to long so I can do it after wards. I agree to do yard sales and stuff so I can meet the people around town, and get to know everyone and so people don't stare at me like who's that ??

any one today was pretty frustrating but now its time for a movie and reading maybe then sleep with my mound of teddy's

and I like leaving you with photos so here is how I feel today ( I will be leaving you kitty photos with posts)

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  1. Hey how hard is it to learn how to drive a stick form manual?