Saturday, 1 October 2011

House to my self

So yesterday my aunt and uncle left for the weekend, unfortunately I work both nights their gone but I get most of Sunday to my self I think.

Yesterday morning I cut the chemise for my undergarments, one side of the corset has its gromets, I put a hole in my new table top in the process though :(.

At work I VERY MUCH DISLIKE working after Maria she let a girl go home early which created a lot of work for me along with I started early cause she was WAY over her head sigh ... I barely eat and it was just a long night. I did get a visit from a old coworker though the head of all the Produce departments for Choices he's a pretty funny guy so that was nice.

I also got a bottle a wine, pop corn, jounery mints, and movies ( made it to the movie store with time to spare last night ! 

Also it's october 1st!!!! 29 days till halloween :D I think I'm going to stick to making my historical costume and if it's not done I'll wear wonder woman :) 

in the spirit of the month 

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  1. lol Dare,I'd say have a house party sunday :lol:. i think this halloween I'll be dressed up as chef from south park.