Friday, 14 October 2011

1847 Jane Eyre

I just finished watching Jane Eyre the 2011 movie

I love watching movies like this because of the costuming, and the elegant beauty it has, the movie doesn't focus on upper class society which is even more neat because you get to see more simplistic designs but they are still just as beautiful. The craftsmanship and work that went into costuming this movie makes me wish I was perusing this field more then I am.

I want to share with you some of my knowledge in hopes to refresh my mind and just talk about some of the things I love most about this era

First the era, now these are upper class ladies in a day time setting but the dress's seem more evening to me not day dress's especially the front dress. She has pagoda sleeves off the shoulder, bertha collar a pointed bodice and her skirt is something more reminiscent of French pannier skirts that make almost what I think looks like a stage look. By stage I mean curtains on the side of the stage, the under skirt is also reminiscent of pannier skirts with the gathered textured looked used co-manly on them. The lady in the back though wearing a lovely gown has a more basic hair style so I think of her as older.

This image caught my eye after watching Jane Eyre because of her french ward, she was a young child and dressed very similarly to this. The woman in the background I would have said was the children's tutor if I didn't look closer and see the amount of detail and layers, so this must be their mother. 

for this picture I love how they show the womans posture very properly in the image, in these days a woman's shoulder's were very sloped and rounded and she would lean forward. This was a way of showing delicatenesses and submisivense, things that we're proper and sought after in lady's.

this image has great skirts, wraps and bonnets which we're all very popular accessories threw out the eras. The setting is evening wear

 You can see the bend again in this image
I feel in this image the women is wearing a wedding dress, all white with delicate bertha collar and pagoda sleeves. The bottom skirt is so beautiful and I image might have been silk lace layers. 
Theres something about the men in this era their so darn hansom 

Here are the upper class gowns, and something I notice is the more conservative plain gowns have no point at the waist. I love the detail of this gown,, it is in the way they used the fabric to create the beauty. Without thought this gown would just look average and have nothing. But they took the time to lay out the pattern pieces with the strips to get this effect.  

The sisters that nurse Jane back together are lovely, they come from a conservative life style and you can see a delicate but charming peasant collar. and not where the shoulder seams are on the gowns, mobility was not made easy by this lady's

This is my favorite gown of hers, the gathered detail that reminds me again of the details on french panniers, and the dark fabric with some kind of floral design on it that you can just make out.

this image is part of my fav seen, she's sitting in a room with many upper class lady's and men who are wearing the finest of clothing, and you see how different the class's are but I think you can still see how amazing the garments of this era we're.

This movie makes me want to watch some of the other version's as I feel like some parts of this make no sense to me or are disconnected story wise. But thats what remakes due they cut lots out, and that is my only complaint about this movie. I think it was beautiful and 5 thumbs up for the designer.

As it is I'm taking a back seat self teaching role well working off student loans, and right now I'm just making money can't wait to make my first payment but any who this isnt what this post is about, but I guess when I talk about these things I have a hard time because I'm afraid that I'm saying it wrong because of the people in my life and teachers the way they talk makes me feel like nothing I say is right and I have a hard time with that.

So I hope you all enjoy this I love this era and the details from this that flow into the civil war/ gone with the wind era I love so dear.

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