Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Here is my corset progress I'm just waiting for the boning that I think might be at the post office  

The grommets are in all seems sewn and busk is in, need to add the twill tape for bone cassings 

 Here are some photos of what I have done for my hoop skirt, all but one hoop is cut out, I'm not sure if I'll be cutting the last hoop our not . 
the first two hoops are 150 inches ( i'm tall and I also really want a very big hoop skirt thats still functional of course) 

The waistband for the hoops, I'm going to bone it and maybe interface or line with muslin for strength. 

I did some tea dyeing for my twill tape, for a corset I'm going to make next, or at least I would like to, in the picture the twill tape is a greenish blue. I would like a pink, so I have one more tea to try and then I'm going to try beet juice. I'm trying for some natural dyes since chemicals are so unhealthy

A bowl to keep the twill tape submerged, I wouldn't do this with nice dished if I was using chemical dyes

Here is my tea sample dying with a variety 

the twill tape on the left was with earl grey and didn't go very dark and was very tan and on the right is earl grey two bags and its very dark but still a tan colour. I'll be trying some tetly tonight or tomorrow. 


  1. You know I didn't know so much went into this.

  2. yeah, I like getting pretty involved and just losing my self in a project