Monday, 24 October 2011

Corset progress and research

I've been doing a lot of research kinda on all periods right now mostly 19th century, accumulating notes and makes a reference for my self.

As for my corset its finished construction wise, I'm adding some embroidery and probably some lace for aesthetic

I'm just going with some simple design and of course its blue cause that's my favorite colour 

now two things one I didn't mean to have the flour but since I decided to prik my self with the extremely sharp needle and here's the trick for getting blood out of things at least mostly, your own saliva. Only your saliva will work for your blood of course. any ways most of it came out and I wanted to do a flour any ways, I hope it looks alright.

used basic straight stitches and a button hole for the flour petals, my embroidery book is in storage. 

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