Monday, 3 October 2011

Civil War/ Gone with the wind

I started the undergarments for my self project I've cut out the chemise and he corset and started sewing the corset you can see in the picture below, I just have to finish grommeting one side and add the boning. I've ordered steel boning from online because I don't want to use the spiral bonding for this one.

I also plan to make two seperate hoops skirts one fallowing The Dreamstress method to make one for under $40  I also wanted to make an authentic one with hoop steel which I've ordered from farthing gales. 

For under garments I need to still 

  1. pattern and cut the bloomers
  2. Sew the chemise
  3. finish the corset 
  4. cut and sew the petite coat 
  5. and make the hoop skirt 
I'm still working on the design for the dress, I plan to watch gone with the wind and some other movies for inspiration. 

I'm also working on a muslin of the Rei suit to mail to the girl and need some more supplies for the cobra bag but I should start sewing that tomorrow. Today was suppose to be my day off but a girl at work got sick and needs to go to the hospital :( so I'm taking her shift which is fine I just had plans for today for sewing, which will happen tomorrow ^_^ 

feeling creative :)

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  1. :lol: I think cat has become super serious cat.