Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hoop skirt

Today I got the hooping to make the hoop skirt



I found the idea to use the poly piping from these two, but I think my pipe is different and I have some thing better to connect the two pieces together that wont leave bumps like duck tape, as well it will make a better circle.

I got 100 feet from Home Hardware I was worried being in the small town I wouldn't be able to find it but the town is full of friendly and helpful. There was a couple options and I went with the cheaper and more flexible plastic. 14.99 for 100 ft and I got 10 conecters for 79 cents each.

The piping was very dirty so I sprayed it off with the hose and then set it in the library to dry.

I finally remembered the name of the 3book's Ive been wanting to order but unfortunately they are much to out of my price range for now.
I really want the Jean Hunnisett books

http://images.bizrate.com/resize?sq=254&uid=10760180 this one most of all

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