Friday, 11 November 2011

I have been Busy

I'm in the prossece of a lot of projects, but it looks like i might be getting a job at coopers and I really need more time focused on sewing, now that I have an amazing two dress forms, one I got 1/2 off at fabricland that is an adjustable form , and one from a really good friend Maridah, who also sent me an amazing wonder woman book and the droid I was looking for.

One of my best friends birthdays was yesterday and my aunt sent her quilt in the mail, I hope she gets it soon, theres also some money so she can get a pedicure.

any ways I'm on day 6 of 7 before 3 days off that will be spent on finishing sewing projects hope to have a bunch of updates and some info about hoop skirts I've been putting together for you :)

and awesomer Maridah = amazing 

These are some of my cosplay ideas for next year 

Bloody Euphi 

Fox Caster 

Lily Caster

Ellie Satter Jurasic Park 
Samantha Carter - SG1

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